General Information


  • The swimming schedules for the swimming instructors are very full. If you have booked a time for your children, or yourself, that time is yours. Should you need to change it, we will do whatever we can to assist, space and suitability of classes taken into account.
  • If suspending classes for a short break, you are liable for your last month’s payment. We hold your deposit so that upon returning you simply continue paying monthly fees. Due to the fact that PLACES CANNOT BE HELD OVER THE SUSPENSION PERIOD, upon rebooking you will need to RESCHEDULE CLASSES BASED ON TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE. There is a lot of demand for classes and the instructors still get paid to be there, thank you for understanding.
  • Should you wish to retain your place while you are away – as long as you continue paying for the slot, it remains yours. Please remember that extended periods of time taken off, lead to slow progress or regression. If you take months off there is a good chance we will have to reschedule your child as they no longer fit in with the kids they were swimming with.
  • Due to the full schedules, it is difficult to schedule catch-up classes. For this reason, catch-up classes will only be given for sick swimmers with doctors’ letters – Not for play dates and other social activities.
  • We will still be offering classes on public holidays but due to the relatively poor attendance on these days, we are changing the format. For the days in question, lists will be put up for the instructors and parents will choose a time they would like to bring their kids for the day. If the kids aren’t on the list, it means they won’t swim. This way you can choose a convenient time, if you plan on coming and the instructors don’t float around the pool all day hoping for people to arrive.
  • Also, please note that we will be implementing steps to make swimming in June a more attractive prospect. We encourage you to swim June and only take July off.


  • Clinics will be booked as Holiday Course Lessons while normal swimming classes take place.
  • Please contact for updated prices.


  • Crèche will only be closed if that crèche closes during holidays as well as the two weeks that swim school is closed.


  • Open from January to December. (Short coach breaks are scheduled and noted on our calendar)


  • Open from January to December. (Short coach breaks are scheduled and noted on our calendar)


Compulsory fees

  • Annual admin fee will be R200 (adjusted yearly) 
  • Compulsory Deposit equal to one months fees is added to your first invoice. This deposit covers your final months fees once we receive your 30 days notice.
  • Yearly adjustments to the deposit is charged to ensure all deposits are up to date if there is a price increase.
  • All billing will take place on the 1st of each month, due date for payment will be 10 days from the billing date, except for January which will be billed the 28th Dec.


All banking details reflect on your invoice.

Cash payments also accepted and credit card facilities available at our Sliverlakes branch only

Bank Cash transfers incur a R40 charge.


1 lesson per week = R700 per adult per 4 week month
2 lesson per week = R1240 per adult per 4 week month



1 lesson per week = R485 per child per 4 week month

2 lessons per week = R808 per child per 4 week month

Please contact us if you have booked Private one on one lesson’s for updated prices.